For various athletes, runners, amateurs and walkers, it can happen that they have irritating plantar fasciitis.


We are not medics and we do not intend to substitute them, in fact, for a more accurate test we recommend and invite you to go to a specialist, such, for example, the expert at the MEDICAL SPORTS CENTER S.M.S. of Varponi Stefano.

We are here just to suggest a few services and some advice that can help you to promote healing


  1. Wear shoes with arch support.
  2. Move your ankles up and down, with rapid movements, for around a minute, before getting out of bed
  3. Use anti-inflammatory or specific cream such as ICE POWER
  4. At least once a day roll the plant of your foot on a bottle of freezing water.
  5. Do exercise such as lifting your calves: position your feet on a step, with your heels hanging off the side of the steps, and push upwards. Slowly lower yourself, taking the heels below the level of the feet, and then push yourself up again and repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 15 push-ups.
  6. Use insoles such as AC2 NOENE, which prevent and cure plantar fasciitis.



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