Running Club Venezia

We are Riccardo and Silvia, young athletes passionate about sport and in the spring of 2014 we founded an amateur running club in Venice’s historic center, and we each week we offer two training sessions in this beautiful city.

Usually one session runs in the evening and the other in the morning. The sessions normally take place on Thursday evenings at 19.35pm and Saturday mornings at 6.40am in Calle dei Stagneri, Sestiere San Marco, 5249, the home of the Running Club Venezia. Of course, depending on the weather conditions or unforeseen commitments, running days may vary from week to week: THIS IS WHY WE COMMUNICATE EVERYTHING VIA WEEKLY EMAILS and through social networking, indicating the dates and hours of the sessions and the courses we plan to follow, and the new places that we go and explore in the Lagoon.

We usually do 8-10k runs at two different speeds: a group at a faster pace and another group for new entries, for those who approach running maintaining a pace suitable for all ages and levels, including brisk walking. We are therefore truly open to all.

Our running members are students, teachers, lawyers, architects, gondoliers, people of all ages and professions, as well as tourists from all over the world, who contact us via email and Facebook. It is a wonderful sharing experience, bringing together different cultures and ways of life, united for the healthy sport of running, carried out in the unique and inimitable city of Venice.

Obviously membership to the group is free and non-binding: anyone can leave us their email and join the mailing list.

But our group is not only about running: in fact we often meet up and organize dinners with friends.

It also organizes, and is already in its second edition, THE SANTA CLAUS RUN IN VENICE’S HISTORICAL CENTER, whose proceeds are given to the charity AVAPO VENICE.

Running Club Venezia also offers itself as a group of volunteers at many other running events for charity, to raise money for people in the most difficult situations such as those with rare diseases, for example, in Marghera last summer we took part in CORRI CON NOI MARGHERA, or the RIALZATI RIVIERA RUN, where the money raised was given to help families devastated by the recent tornado, or more recently the Camminata Rosa a Venezia, in support of the prevention of breast cancer.

On certain occasions we organize carpools so we can participate together in fun running events in the Veneto.

This is just the beginning … come and get to know us and you will have fun, whist keeping fit.

Riccardo e Silvia

Running Club Venezia

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Running Club Venezia is a unique service, free of charge and non-binding as any amateur or professional runner can run with us without any kind of paid subscription and without compulsory attendance; membership is open to all who want to have the experience running though the streets of Venice that is often shared with tourists from all parts of the world.