Born for the triathlon

Forerunner 735XT is the GPS multisport watch made specifically for those who do triathlons.


For block trainings and duo/triathlons, the automatic multisport function allows you to pass from one sport to another simply by pressing a button.


The Forerunner 735XT is compatible with advanced running workouts, cycling and even swimming in a pool. Create your personalized workout and download it for free from Garmin Connect.


Advanced physiological metrics


The physiological metrics are based on the heartbeat and 735XT Forerunner is able to provide a Stress score, which measures the heart rate variability on the basis of a test and past measurements.


Values range from 1 to 100, with lower scores indicating lower levels of stress. The Performance Condition, after at a test, compares the real-time condition with average levels. The anaerobic threshold is taken by analyzing the pace and heart rate, assessing the threshold at which your muscles start to accumulate lactate.




Swimming in the pool and open water


Forerunner 735XT shows swimming metrics in detail: distance, pace, style, number of strokes, frequency of strokes and SWOLF index.


The workout program function allows you to easily record the swimming exercises including the rest phases. It is possible to set alarms for distance and time for repetitions in the swimming pool and also for calorie consumption and the frequency of strokes.


Use a HRM ™ Tri-band or HRM-Swim ™ to monitor your heart rate in water so you can manage your cardio intervals during your workout.




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