Foot Analysis

Inside The Venice Sportshop you can find the PODOSCOPE machine that the staff use to advise you on which footwear would be best for you. Of course, in addition to this test, a shoe will be recommended depending on the weight and running experience of the athlete. Specifically, podoscope tests can show the following important data:

1) It can examine your foot plant, giving you a foot plant analysis.

2) It can show the foot plant, showing the distribution of weight on both feet, shown by different luminosities.

Observing incorrect postures can be an incentive to develop prevention strategies from an early stage.


analisi del piede 1 analisi del piede 2 analisi del piede 3









Bootdoc: comfort at your feet


Bootdoc’s big challenge was to create an insole that was of the best technology and quality.

Developers and engineers are constantly working to improve their products, so as to ensure and excellent level of comfort in the part of the body that is nearly always supporting us, which does not however, always receive enough attention.

The construction of the arch is based on an absolutely scientific approach in the study of the foot, because the insole has to adapt to the individual morphology of the foot, and not the other way round.

Starting with a foot analysis on the podoscope, the BD experts have heated and molded the soles around the athlete’s feet. After sanding and finishing the sole fits perfectly. The transition of force takes place in an optimal manner and no energy is wasted. This is very important in the discipline of sport, where every penny counts!